5 tips for running in rain

The weather this weekend in Vancouver is a perfect excuse to skip your run.  Heavy rainfall warnings in the lower mainland send us all looking for indoor activities.  Seasoned runners (especially those who live in the Pacific Northwest) don't let a little rain keep them from running but for novice runners, this kind of weather just makes it that much tougher to get out there.  Here are 5 tips that help me brave this weather:

1. Wear a hat with a brim - very simply, it will keep the sideways rain from your eyes and face.  The brim also diverts the water that's soaked into your hair and hat and it will drip from the brim rather than down into your face.

2. Photochromic glasses - I bought these for cycling but I actually find them very useful for running.  Photochromic lenses adjust to the light so they darken in the sun and lighten in the dark.  So they protect you from the sun's rays on brighter days but keep the rain and wind out of your eyes when it's stormy.

3. Dress in layers - rain does not always mean cold.  In fact, in Vancouver, we've had unusually mild weather this winter.  Make sure you wear moisture wicking fabrics.  

4. Be visible - you can wear a reflective jacket or if you don't like running in a jacket, then get some reflective straps you can put on your ankles or wrists.  More and more you can find caps, running wear and even some footwear with reflective strips.  Some others like my new Skora shoes are completely reflective.  

5. Protect your electronics - most of us use our iPods or phones for entertainment on our runs.  If you do, make sure that you put it in a waterproof bag or pouch to prevent water damage.

One more thing, don't use wet shoes as an excuse not to run the day after a wet run.  Just put some crumpled up newspaper in your shoes.  You (and they) will be ready to go the next day.