The challenges of meditation

At the end of February, I attended the first of 6 modules of the yoga teacher training at Kushala Yoga Studio in Port Moody.  It was a great weekend of learning new things, challenging my body and meeting lots of interesting people.  The most challenging aspect of the course so far has been the meditation.  

I know I am not alone in this.  Meditation is especially difficult in our fast paced world and I have a very hard time sitting still.  When I do, I usually spend it making lists and planning for what I am going to do next.  To actually try and calm the mind and not think of anything is almost anxiety inducing for me.  

One part of our homework before the next module is to meditate 10 minutes/day.  I didn't think this was possible and to be honest, I certainly have not been able to meet this goal.  However, I started with a couple of minutes of breathing techniques we learned in class, which I found very calming.    Then I moved on to guided imagery which allows you to focus on something and therefore is a nice transition to being able to "let it all go".  And after 4 weeks, I am now doing the first 10 minute module (10 sessions) on

So, I am working on it.  It has it's ups and downs and to be honest, sometimes meditation is still more anxiety inducing than relaxing but it is starting to get easier.  It definitely feels like it's something that should be a regular part of my routine as I (and probably, most people) could certainly use more quiet moments in my life.  And in order to experience more calm, I am going to have work on bringing it to me and not just waiting for it to happen.  So I'll keep at it.