Meditation for kids

I know what you are always seem to be running around and to even imagine them sitting still and quiet by choice is next to impossible.  However, we seem to be hearing more about stress and anxiety disorders in children.  Is it really more prevalent or just more recognized and diagnosed?  The jury is out on that question.  What does seem to be a fact is that our lives are increasingly hectic and busy.  And so are our kids' lives.  We all need to slow down and maybe introducing meditation to our children could have far reaching benefits for their well being and their future as well adjusted adults.  

Here are a few tips to get started:

1. "Be the change you want to see in the world" - if you meditate, the kids will be curious to try and will want to join you.  

2. Start short - some experts recommend 1 min of meditation per year of age to start.

3. Try guided meditation first - meditation can be very challenging at first and is much easier and more fun for the little ones to be able to listen to guided sessions.

4. Add breathing exercises - if you are familiar with ujayii breath, alternate nostril breathing or belly breathing from yoga, introduce the kids to these breathing exercises.  They are fun and very relaxing.

Here's a list of websites and apps to help get started:

Annaka Harris

Christiane Kerr  

Sleep App by Chrstiane Kerr

Sitting still (An app for teens)