Testimonials - 

I have had the pleasure of being recommended to Marta and her expertise with IMS from a fellow nurse. Marta is exceptionally knowledgeable and skilled. She understands that there is a mind and body connection, and this is so important for one’s own health promotion and future prevention. I have had a series of IMS treatments with her, and have become more aware of my own body with the knowledge she has shared with me. She has provided me with stretches and exercises that will help me sustain my own capacity to manage flare ups. She does amazing work, and I tell her and other’s she has been my “shoulder magician” with only a series of 4 treatments over 4 weeks. I am so grateful to her and her expertise and she is a valuable member of the health care team. Nurses could not function without her! I would recommend her any day hands down to any other person! Thank You Marta for helping me with my chronic shoulder problem. I appreciate your work and your amazing magic skills!
— Giselle Reyes, RN
The administration of IMS by Marta has been pivotal in helping to relieve my longstanding lower back pain. Marta’s clinical acumen combined with her warm and reassuring approach is very effective, greatly appreciated and highly recommended.
— Janice Cottingham
I have been seeing Marta Kemecsey for over two years. I had back surgery in 2012 and due to some nerve abnormalities the muscles in my legs and my back are very tight and painful. Marta performs IMS on my muscles to keep me functioning. I hear from co-workers how awful IMS is but Marta is obviously very good at it as although it is not comfortable it is not the experience described by others and it is extremely effective.

I have had years of chronic pain. I have had numerous orthopaedic surgeries and now have arthritis. I have seen literally dozens of physiotherapists over the years and the most important reason that I would recommend Marta over all others is the one on one caring and compassionate treatment I receive from her. She is so gentle that sometimes I’m shocked at the effectiveness of her treatments but her treatments always help me. She does not do a quick assessment and then get me to do a bunch of exercises while treating someone else. I can exercise at home. I get her undivided attention for my entire appointment and then I am done. No 3 hour appointments of wasted time and waiting for a therapist to finish with someone else.

I have referred many people to Marta for her acupuncture and IMS and I will refer many more. I am a nurse and I need this body of mine to keep functioning for a long time. I am so grateful that I have Marta to help make that happen. Thanks Marta!!!
— Bonnie Christie, RN
Initially, I started working with Marta due to a chronic shoulder tendonitis that did not seem to respond to any treatment. Within a few weeks, there was significant improvement in my mobility, strength and frequency of flare ups. After that, I decided to try IMS for my back pain that has been a daily part of my life for over 35 years. Again, I noted significant improvement. My pain is more tolerable and flare ups are of shorter duration. I am able to do more activity without the flare ups I used to experience. I really believe that the personal, one on one attention I received from Marta made a big difference in my overall well being.
— Barry Carl
Marta is a terrific physio, she assesses problems quickly and comes up with a comprehensive treatment plan that has me back on my feet as quickly as possible.
It’s very important to me that she treats me as a whole person, not just a symptom or a number.
Marta is gentle but firm and does not drag out treatments unnecessarily.
I trust her advice and judgement completely, and have recommended her to family and friends many times.
The best physio I’ve had in all my somewhat accident prone years.
— Barb Faas, RN