Your initial session


During your first session we will discuss the specific issue with which you need assistance.  I will also ask you questions about your general health, work and lifestyle as these factors often influence our overall well being.  If you have any medical imaging (X-ray, CT scan, MRI) reports or reports from physicians, please bring copies.  

I will be performing a physical and functional exam.  In order for you to be comfortable to move around and for me to be able to see the areas of concern, you may want to bring shorts and for women, sport bras.

Your initial session will be a one hour appointment.  It will include a thorough assessment and some treatment.  Treatment can include education about posture and/or activity modification; hands on techniques such as soft tissue work, IMS, acupuncture, joint mobilizations, taping and of course exercise prescription.  To save time, please fill out and sign the patient information form prior to your first appointment and scan/email or print it out and bring it along.  

Subsequent Sessions

Follow ups can be 30 minutes or 1 hour depending on the complexity of the problem or if there are multiple areas.  We will discuss how you are progressing and I will do a quick re-assessment.  From there we will be able to know how to build on and progress your treatment plan.  

The clinic

I practice out of Restore Physiotherapy Clinic in uptown New Westminster.  I have access to a large, private treatment room.  This allows me to spend the time we have completely focused on your care.  I do not go back and forth between rooms.  For this reason, I tend not to use modalities as much.  I prefer to utilize our time together on education, hands on treatment and focused exercise therapy.  We do have some modalities (Interferential Current, ultrasound) if necessary for acute injuries.  Please note that I do not have reception staff and since I have only have one room, a few minutes out of each appointment will be set aside for you to change and for payment.  


Initial Physiotherapy Assessment (55min)                                   $95

Subsequent Physiotherapy Treatment (30min)                            $75

Extended Physiotherapy Treatment (60min)                              $140

*Please call or email with your ICBC claim information prior to your first appointment so that we can confirm the status of your coverage.

Please note that we do not take WSBC claims at this time.